State of Nigerian Politics!

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An era when top government officials (especially the political office holders) of today becomes the less recognized tomorrow!

An era in which the ruling government only reckon with those in his or her political party!

An era in which yesterday top government officials do not have enough or nothing to live with!

These are the cases of the mathematician who was born in Ibadan on April 14, 1935, and later became governor of Oyo State in Nigeria in October 1983, holding the office briefly until the military regime of Muhammadu Buhari took power in December 1983.

The Second Republic governor is down with stroke at his Ibadan home and his biggest challenge borders on getting the money to buy his drugs.

According to a report by the nation is that the financial condition of the ex-governor is so precarious that a few thousands matter to him a lot. Also, his health was believed to have deteriorated on account of the “neglect” he has suffered from successive governments in the state.

It was also reported that a Nigerian professor, based in the UK, who was worried with the ill-health of the ex-governor got in touch with a key official in the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde for a bailout, but the official, who was a member of the House of Representatives, did not draw the attention of the governor to his plight, alleging Olunloyo was not there for him politically when he needed him!

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