Printer Ink Cartridges Re-Use


Today, I will like to share with you how to re-use ink cartridge that has been used/refilled several times and that had begun to show fade colour(s) on paper.

The common mistake most people make is throwing away dried/used/exhausted cartridge(s), thinking that it can no longer be useful! This is likened to throwing away a remote control when its battery is no more working!.

The type of ink cartridge I want to discuss is the image below:

This type of cartridge begin to behave abnormal; like giving fade colour on paper; creating a white horizontal line on paper; the coloured one not mixing the right way and printing another colour entirely from intended one on paper e.t.c. These are due to several usage and or refill of the cartridge.

To solve these issues, follow the following processes:

  1. Boil clean water until it reaches maximum hotness
  2. Remove the cartridge(s) from the printer and place in a dry bowl
  3. Use a clean syringe to draw the boiling water and cap the syringe with its needle
  4. Insert the syringe needle into the Cartridge hole (top of the cartridge where you normally refill the ink). Single hole for black cartridge and three (3) hole for coloured cartridge.
  5. Slowly inject the drawn boiling water into the cartridge… Be careful with this as the heat can pull up the syringe from the cartridge.
  6. Pour away the drain liquid from the cartridge after injecting the boiling water.
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6 above until you get a clear liquid coming out of the cartridge.
  8. Remove the cartridge from the bowl and insert an empty syringe that has needle into the cartridge hole to draw out the remaining liquid.
  9. Repeat step 8 above until you can no longer get any liquid from the cartridge.
  10. Use a dry cotton/wool material or tissue paper to clean excess liquid from the bottom part (nozzle) of the cartridge as well as other parts that the liquid might have splashed to…

N.B. Be careful not to touch the panel of the cartridge to avoid damaging it!

If you carefully follow the above guidelines, you will get your cartridges back on track for normal printing…

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