Operation Burst Assault on Ibadan Residents

EndSARS issues, as posted here, seem not to be ending in the country despite all that has been happening. Oyo State Security outfit, Operation Burst, according to a report by GPN has admitted the video that went viral at the weekend in which one officer Adesina who was seen assaulting a lady at Beere, in Ibadan.

Operation Burst

Speaking this Monday on FRESH FM Situation Room anchored by popular broadcast journalist, Mayor Isaac Brown, Operation Burst Commander, Captain Usolo apologised to the families of those assaulted by the erring officers.

Speaking further, the Commander noted that Adesina who assaulted a lady and other erratic officers have been arrested and detained. He stressed that new officers have been incorporated into the security outfit to replace those who went overboard.

However, residents of Beere community in Ibadan who spoke with Mayor Isaac Brown this morning alleged that officer Adesina and his colleagues have turned themselves to barbers suddenly. They said officers of Operation Burst usually harass innocent citizens who plait dreadlocks by cutting their hair. They added that ladies were also harassed over what the officers perceived as indecent dressing.

Residents of the community lauded the Oyo State for deploying Operation Burst to the area which they said their presence curtailed and contained activities of hoodlums unleashing terror on innocent residents.

Despite calls from various institutions to stop the barbaric acts on citizens of the country, it is very saddening that such things still go on; what a country we find ourselves!

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