MTN May 2019 Awoof Data

Data Plan

Some weeks ago, globacom telecommunication popularly known as glo put a stop to #200.00 for 1gigabyte data plan due to reason(s) best known to them while MTN just started giving out surprise packages to their customers. One of such packages is discussed in this post.

In the world today, above 80% of the populace can not do without their mobile phones while almost 100% of the 80% can not do without having data on their phones.

In a quest to make life easy for the populace, MTN just added another data plan which is very similar to that of #200 (1gb) glo data Awoof plan that was removed weeks ago, which is the main target of this post.

The data plan is very good (as you are about to discover) for subscribers that download a lot, requiring heavy data usage.

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See the screenshot below to see for yourself the data plan that MTN just added

How to subscribe to these plan is just a matter of dialing the code below


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Enjoy while it last!

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