Mouth-Watering Wealth/Mansion!


What comes to mind anytime there is news of a celebrity acquiring an asset is that question on the source of the “wealth” or “money” or what they are doing differently that others are not doing which makes them achieve so much? Or do we say it is lavishness?

The fact is, people, make money in a lot of ways either legitimate or otherwise but there is this saying which answers all questions that might arise on anybody’s achievement that “A house whose building blocks are plastered with saliva, will in no time be brought down by dewdrops”

The following mansions and achievement s depicts what is been described above.

  1. Socially prominent singer, Taylor Swift mansion that worth about #6,517,980,000 ($17.75 Million). Forbes named her the highest-paid celebrity of 2016, grossing $170 Million from June 2015 to June 2016.

2. Hip hop’s most prolific and popular rapper, Drake mansion that worth about #2,535,023,477 ($7.7 Million). The compound includes a huge pool, a movie theater and a tennis/basketball court.

3. Kylie Jenner who already invested in her first #724,473,477 ($2.7 Million) mansion before she turned 18 years old. She is into modelling and family TV shows.

4. Jennifer Lawrence, who hit pay dirt in The Hunger Games, purchased a mansion that worth #2,896,952,422 ($8.2 Million) in th Hollywood Hills.

More to come later in the day

N.B. Lesson to all is “HARD WORK”

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