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I wonder how difficult things were in the olden days when technology is not so prominent compared to this generation of ours when it has got an index of everything that exists!

There has always been a languade barrier to amongst tribes and nations which made it difficult for some people to travel to other parts of the country or the world at large. Sometimes, one would need to find an interpreter who will convey one’s message to the other partner.

The reverse is the case with a newly developed device which is able to translate a particular language to about forty (40) other languages!

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The new compact device ( MUAMA Enence Translator) is a brilliant Japanese high-tech invention that lets you communicate in more than 40 languages without wasting your time and money for tedious language classes.

This tiny but genius device instantly records and translates over 40 languages, which makes communication easy & fast. You can use it when travelling, for business meetings or whenever you wish to say something in a different language. With Enence you instantly communicate in almost any language in the world by choosing the language in which you want to communicate and record your words or sentences! You can even record a very long sentence(s) and the device will translate it erfectly!

The price is currently #33,000.00 (50% discount)

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