Iseyin Sugarcane Processor Recruitment

The long awaited recruitment of about 500 workers/staff of the Iseyin sugarcane processor company is now a reality.

Iseyin, a city located in Nigerian Oyo State which is approximately 100 kilometers north of Ibadan with estimated population of 302,990 in 2011 United Nation Estimate. There are expanses of land in and around the town which can be used for industrial, agricultural and institutional purposes; such as sugarcane processor industry I am about to tell you.

The industry was set up majorly for the production of brown sugar using the extract from sugarcane (sucrose), thus, they deal with industrial type of sugarcane.

Presently, the industry is recruiting staff and workers that are up to the task of working as a team that will enhance its production capacity. The recruitment exercise cut across all areas of farm activities such as supervisory roles, administration, security e.t.c.

Good News About the Recruitment!

Apart from those that were invited for interview, interested candidates who has never applied to the industry can also join to try his or her luck. Just a matter of “KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING”… Understand the core objectives of what you are applying for as well as what they do in the industry.

The interview started on January 25, 2019 and will run for a week. So hurry up to the venue to get yourself a NICE JOB WITH GOOD PAY!

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