Is this a Curse or What?

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There is a belief in Africa that when some strange things happen, they might be as a result of a curse been inflicted on the particular situation or the person in question.

Sometimes, one would conclude that the “whites” in overseas countries leave a life free of troubles, challenges and even curses! The fact still remains that we are all human being created the same way and having many things in common and perhaps living together in the world!

Such an issue is that of the case of two infants that were found dead in a car foaming at the mouth after being forgotten inside all-day by their father in New York City.

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According to ABC report, twin infants tragically died on Friday after they were left inside a hot vehicle in New York City all day while their father was at work and allegedly did not realize his children had been sitting in the car for hours.

The babies’ father, 39, has since been taken into custody as authorities investigate the heartbreaking incident that claimed the lives of both 1-year-old infants, who were identified by police as Mariza and Phoenix Rodriguez of Rockland County, New York.

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Their father allegedly told authorities, according to ABC report, he had driven to work at the VA Medical Center around 8 a.m. and then parked his car, forgetting that his two infants were in their rear-facing car seats.

After returning to his vehicle hours later, the man told police he began to drive away and didn’t notice his children were in the backseat until he was two blocks away from work.

At that point, it was tragically too late as the man recalled seeing his babies “foaming at the mouth” in the backseat of his car. He then pulled over and called 911, but was later taken into custody for questioning.

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Then the questions “Was their father on a curse or deliberately did it and perhaps where was their mother? as those twins were said to be 1 year old come to one’s mind.

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