How To Lead Praises Professionally


N.B. For the next couple of days, I shall be treating this topic sequentially.

Unlike the olden days, singing is now what everybody could venture into. These days when technology was still confined to an extent whereby people could not afford to get information from the internet, most of the prominent singers when asked about their journey into becoming an artiste, they will tell you that they learnt the art from someone in either Church or outside the Church. Incidentally, most of them started from Church. Most of them while telling their story would describe to the fullest the kind of suffering, humiliation, embarrassment and stress they underwent while learning the art. The renowned singer (now evangelist), Ebenezer Obey in one of the interviews he honoured narrated how he used to walk (to and fro) many kilometres to where he was learning guitar; imagine how many times he that!

Congratulations! You are at the right place wherein, in the next couple of days, you will learn and become a professional praise leader. The points I am about to give have worked for people and if followed diligently, you will see a difference in you, whether you are just planning to be a praise leader, a beginner or aspiring to become a professional praise leader.

Let’s just get to work straight away!


Step 1 (Prayer)

This stage deals with all what you will do before you face the congregation to sing. Before you start ANYTHING, the first essential thing is to pray to God for guidance in all you would do. Without this, becoming a renowned and professional praise leader will be unachievable.

Step 2 (Rehearsal)

Doing this might be a little bit tasking at the initial stage especially for a beginner but get more interesting as one progresses. Rehearsal takes many forms but here are those that work better.

Have a dedicated note for all choruses that exist (those you know and the ones you hear somewhere else). Always put down choruses you come across if it is not already in the note. The more the choruses you have in the note, the better and faster you are in the line of becoming a professional praise leader. You will be better off if you have separate notes for high praise choruses and “worship-like” choruses e.t.c.

The next thing is to pick songs (choruses) that have the same beat and get it written somewhere else.

Arrange the songs in a way that the end of one fits-in properly to the next one. Tap on the play button below to hear the example of such songs that fits-in properly to each other.

N.B. this is just an example among several ones, so it is not compulsory you have the two songs together

At this point, try to sing the songs together according to the arrangement using only one type of beat and same tempo all through. Repeat this severally until you can sing those songs without peeping through the note. This may be a little tricky but you must allow your inner eyes and heart to see the arrangement somewhere else apart from the note. The more you sing the arrangement, the more it sticks to your memory.

N.B. One trick or magic you can try is to imagine and watch closely the first word of each song, the relationship between them. From the audio Sample 1 above, the first word of the first song is “Who” which sounds like a question and really it is a question. Also, the first word of the second song is “Everybody” which sounds like an answer to “Who” in the first song. Imagining songs like this make them stick to one’s memory. Freestyling add melody to songs but the aspect is discussed in another post.

Ruminate over the wordings of the song(s) couple of know the kind of gesture or demonstration that fits. Demonstrating what you sing is like a Tsunami everybody watches in amazement!

To this extent, we have completed stage 1 of becoming a professional praise leader. In the next stage, I will talk about the couple of you MUST put on while singing which you are a professional and not just a beginner!

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