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As Nigerian youths clamour for a change in well being of Nigerian citizens especially the youths and as there have been numerous reactions from different quarters on youths demands, several opportunities are now available both online and offline.

One of such opportunities is the survival fund put up by the Federal Government to ameliorate poverty in the country; https://survivalfund.ng/ Another one is the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/ an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, funded by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Nevertheless, there are others available online as grant opportunity but are questionable. A very good example is the 75 billion Federal Government Grant https://myexpertng.com/ which has a short link https://bit.ly/2G74Mek

Members of the public is therefore warned to be very careful in the way and manner classified information is shared, uploaded and or filled online. The 75 billion Federal Government Grant website (link published above) displays the remaining slots for applicants; has Whatsapp group share button

Questions – why and how Federal Government website displays available slots for applicants when people are still filling the so-called grant form; Why would Federal Government make it compulsory for a prospective candidate to share a piece of information via a WhatsApp group before an application form can be available for filling or to get ones’ grant disbursed/paid quick? These and many more question to be asked when one visits such site!

THE GOLDEN RULE OF THUMB: Always verify authenticity of an information before participation!

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