Are They Crazy?


Wondering who are those people!

If an aircraft, for example Airbus A380 final assembly (just the assembly of fabricated components) could take a week and the process involved in the final assembly is that of the image below

Also, if it took them a month to produce 42 – 47 Boeing 737 (the image below)

Then, talking about Airbus Beluga XL (the image below), a super-transporter cargo plane designed by Airbus to fly its aircraft components between European production sites and its final assembly lines in Toulouse, Hamburg and Tianjin. Knowing quite alright that the components are heavier than the equivalent number of passengers it could carry if it were to be for passengers!

  • How long did it take the architect(s) that drew the Airbus Beluga XL?
  • How long did it take to fabricate the Airbus body?
  • How long did it take to fabricate and assemble the individual components like the cockpit, the engines, the wings which is about 330 miles of wiring!?
  • How many engineers was employed on the assembly line to produce the Airbus?
  • What exactly did they want to achieve in producing such an elegant Airbus?

The simple questions now are:

  • Do they have time for themselves or family?
  • Can Nigerians think and achieve such an innovation???

Well, you can rightly judge!

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