NPower 2020 Application Errors

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There have been several complaints from all angles in filling the 2020 NPower application form which NPower recruitment team are yet to fix either deliberately or indeliberately!

This post is majorly on a particular error (one of the errors) on the form which if not fixed will debar 70% or more intending applicants in applying for the empowerment program!

For those people that have passed the bio-data stage in filling the form, it will be noticed that the secondary school holders, NCE graduate and OND candidates can not save and continue filling the form. Those that choose BSc, HND, Masters and Primary easily save and continue filling the form!

The likely problem:

There is something called “hidden”, an input type (this shows a box in which you can insert text or number into), in programming which can be used in designing web form (especially using html format). If such box is configured to be part of a particular box and is also set to “required” (that is, it must be filled). One would not be able to proceed to another page if not filled!

Remember, it is hidden, thus, there is no way in getting it filled!

Therefore such an input box might have been what is making the education page not saving and continuing to the next page; probably the question that is asked under BSc, HND and masters on NYSC status! This is an observation and not a conclusion!

Thus, the NPower recruitment team should take a critical look into this and other errors people complain about and get it fixed!

They should never belittle any advice, contribution or observation; it is for the good of all!!!

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