N-Power 2016 Beneficiary Update

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The program designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria towards empowering and engaging especially the youths for better living condition which has been on since 2016 has really impacted the lives of Nigerians in diverse ways.

There are two (2) batches of the program, “the 2016 (first batch) and 2017 (second batch) beneficiaries”. Although, the program suppose to run for two (2) years for each batch, surprisingly, the first batch has not yet ended since December 2018 which consequently raised an eyebrow on what the Federal Government is planning to do with the program as well as the beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries have been speculating about permanency on the program by the Federal Government due to the long silence they have on it but nobody could say categorically the next thing Government would do about it.

Nevertheless, the good news is that the speculations are now becoming real as the Federal Government made a pronouncement on the 2016 beneficiary transition!.

2016 beneficiaries can now go to their profile on N-Power portal to choose among the offers given by the Federal Government.


SANEF agent: SANEF (Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility) is a read more

Geep loan: Enterprise and Empowerment Programme by the Federal Government is a program designed to read more...

Teaching: this is for beneficiaries that wish to be recruited as a teacher in their respective communities.

Farming: This is meant for those that are already farming or wish to start farming using Federal Government support incentives.

Field / Data Agent: this is for beneficiaries that have the mind of becoming an agent for bank institutions, research agencies or consumer goods companies.

Community Policeman: Do you really have the flair for force job, this is particularly meant for you!

More details later!

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